About Us

The Teachers Retirement Association has been providing pension coverage to Minnesota educators for decades, with a mission to help members and their beneficiaries plan for an independent and financially secure retirement.


TRA provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits to Minnesota’s public educators assisting them in achieving future income security. TRA strives to provide benefits that attract and retain competent teachers who serve communities throughout the state, building a stronger education system. TRA is committed to safeguarding the financial integrity of the fund and takes pride in providing exceptional, innovative services.


To be an outstanding retirement system pursuing benefits and services that exceed members’ expectations.

  • Members and stakeholders – Be responsive to the needs of TRA members and stakeholders by providing them with innovative, timely and relevant services and education, and adequate benefits that are properly funded.
  • Organizational effectiveness – Be a proactive, flexible efficient organization by measuring performance and continuously improving work processes.
  • Staff development – Make TRA an “employer of choice” for both existing and potential staff by providing a supportive and challenging environment that encourages teamwork and creativity, fosters professional growth and development, and values employee input.
  • Finance and resources – Safeguard the financial integrity of the fund by ensuring adequate funding, legal compliance and responsibly managing fiscal resources.
  • Technology – Maintain the internal capacity to utilize cutting-edge technologies that continuously improve work processes and enhance service delivery and communication with our members and stakeholders.
History of TRA

Read a detailed history all about the plan and its leadership since 1915.