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Reporting Calendar Year Dates -- A step-by-step guide for submitting school calendar information

Part-time Teacher and Sabbatical Leave Program -- A step-by-step guide for confirming salary for those participating in these programs

The "Leave Training" webinar was recorded. You can watch and listen to it here:

Click on the link and then click ‘Playback’. Questions asked during the webinar can be found here: Leave Q and A


The following interactive tutorials are designed to familiarize you with TRA's Employer portal.

We suggest taking the lessons in order because there are hints and tips in the early lessons that are gradually eliminated as you learn the application.

You will need to change the size and zoom level of your browser to ensure the entire lesson is visible on your screen.

Logging into the new TRA Employer Website (PDF)

Navigation tips (printable quick reference guide)

Lesson 1. Create, modify, and cancel a leave request

Lesson 2. Create, modify, and cancel a sabbatical leave request

Lesson 3. Create a Part-Time Teacher Program application

Leave of Absence User Guide
(includes sabbatical and
Part-Time Teacher Program)

Lesson 4. Submit a payroll demographic file

Lesson 5. View payroll file submissions

Payroll/Demographics User Guide

Lesson 6. E-payment submissions

E-Payment Submissions User Guide

Lesson 7. Manual Payroll Submission

Manual Payroll Submission User Guide

Lesson 8. Managing Outstanding Tasks for Leaves Manage Outstanding Tasks User Guide
Annual base salary reporting for organizations with a collective bargaining agreement User Guide
Annual base salary reporting for organizations without a collective bargaining agreement User Guide
Annual base salary reporting for state agencies User Guide


If you have any questions about the lessons or need additional information, please contact TRA at



Contribution Rates

Contributors Rates on July 1, 2017
Employers – Coordinated 7.50%
Employers – Basic 11.50%
Employers – Minneapolis Additional 3.64%
Members – Coordinated 7.50%
Members – Basic 11.00%

Contribution rates are determined by statute and subject to change by the Minnesota Legislature.


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