Report a Leave of Absence

What you should know

All leaves of absence should be reported to TRA, whether paid or unpaid. For most leaves, TRA members have the right to purchase service credit for the period of time while out on leave.

Employer contacts must have the role of “Human Resources” in order to submit leaves. For more information:


An authorized leave of absence granted by the governing board of a TRA reporting unit must be reported to TRA within 14 days after the last day of the payroll cycle in which the leave was approved.

Member Notification

Upon receipt of your online leave submission, your employee will receive a confirmation letter containing the following information:

  • Leave type.
  • Leave period.
  • Whether they are eligible to purchase service credit.
  • If service credit is purchasable, an explanation of how the service credit purchase cost will be calculated.
Year-End Certification

Each July following the school year, TRA will send an online workflow task for each TRA member who was reported on a leave of absence during the most recent school year. You’ll be asked to verify the leave period and contract salary amounts originally reported.

Purchase cost information will be sent to TRA members after the leave information has been certified.