Joe Wenner

Joe Wenner


St. Mary’s University; M.A. Education
St. Cloud State University; B.S. Mathematics Education

Professional affiliations

Active member of the Milaca Education Association Executive Board

Teaching experience

Milaca Public Schools, ISD #912; 1997-present
East Central Public Schools. ISD #2580; 1993-1997

Why do you want to serve on the TRA Board of Trustees? What do you believe are the biggest issues facing
the teacher pension system?

I want to uphold the hard work that has been done by all of my teaching predecessors. I fully understand the benefits of belonging to a strong union and all of the sacrifices that were made along the way for us to get to where we are today. Having our union belong to such a strong organization such as TRA gives me great comfort. Teaching is certainly not a career with a great deal of monetary benefits, however, the defined guaranteed benefit set forth by TRA is a huge incentive for those who do choose Education as their career. Without it, we risk losing even more incredible educators due to the ever increasing challenges facing us every school year.

The biggest issue facing our pension system is likely the misconception by the Republican party that union pensions are obsolete and should be replaced with individual 401k investments. There are many reasons why this is so incredibly wrong. What we need to do is make certain that TRA is sustainable, giving them absolutely no reason to legislate changes to the system.

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