Want to sub or reduce hours?

Start with your employer, then talk to TRA. Our part-time teaching program is an option for educators who wish to reduce their work hours for any number of personal reasons. The program is also a way for mid-career educators or those nearing retirement age to downshift.

TRA’s part-time teacher program

 TRA’s part-time teacher program enables you to work part time but receive service credit based on your full-time contract salary. You earn service credit on your part-time salary and can purchase service credit through contributions and deductions for the remainder of your full-time contract salary.


You are eligible to participate in the part-time teacher program for up to 10 years if you:

  • Have at least three years of allowable service.
  • Are paid for 30 percent to 80 percent of the compensation established by the school board for a full-time teacher with identical education and experience at that school.
  • Are not a superintendent or employed at Minnesota State.

Your participation in the part-time teacher program is based on a full fiscal year and your employment pattern during the most recent fiscal year. You must establish an agreement with your employer before Oct. 1 of the year in which you will be participating; or, if you are a legislator, prior to March 1.

NOTE: Teachers who are retained by private, for-profit teacher placement services are not covered by TRA and are not eligible to receive service credit for on-call substitute or part-time teaching service performed while employed by these private entities.

Service credit

If you  terminate service or switch districts during the fiscal year or become ineligible for the program, service credit may not be earned for teaching service with any other employer covered by TRA or any other Minnesota public pension plan except the legislative plan or a volunteer firefighters relief association.


You are responsible for paying your member contributions.

You and your employer decide who is responsible for paying the employer contributions on the difference between your full-time contract salary and your part-time salary and the portion each will pay.

If you agree to pay employer contributions, contact your employer to ask if the employer contributions can be deducted from your paycheck. You can also choose to have TRA bill you directly for the contributions.

You will be billed for any contribution and deduction shortages plus interest not received as of June 30. Overpayments will be refunded.

How to apply

Meet with your employer to decide who will be responsible for paying the employer contributions on the difference between your full-time contract salary and your part-time salary, and the proportion each will pay.


Contact your human resources office for information about part-time employment and its effect on your compensation and fringe benefits, including severance pay. For other questions, call TRA.