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Member tasks in brief

To protect your data, these tasks can be completed only by logging into your myTRA account or by calling us:

Generate an estimate

Use the online myTRA calculator to get an unofficial estimate of your pension benefit at any age, any life stage. First, familiarize yourself with TRA’s annuity plans. You will need a date when you think you will retire and your beneficiary’s date of birth. All of your service and salary data are automatically reflected in the calculation. Estimates are stored in your account for future reference.

Make address changes

Address changes (physical and email) can be made by logging into your myTRA account. You can store both a permanent and a temporary address in your record. You can put a start and end date on a temporary address. You can also change your address by calling TRA or by mailing or faxing your written request to our office.

Designate beneficiary

If you are married, call us to request a Pre-Retirement Death Benefits for Married Members form. You and your spouse may jointly waive your spouse’s benefits so that a person, trust or organization will receive a lump-sum death benefit equal to your accumulated deductions plus interest to the date of death.

If you are single, ask us for a Pre-Retirement Death Benefits for Single Members form.

Make a name change

If you change your name due to a marriage, divorce, or any another reason, call TRA. After we verify your identity, we will change your name in our system.

View annual statement

TRA provides annual statements of benefits in your myTRA account for the last five fiscal years. The statements are finalized after your employer reports payroll for the fiscal year to TRA (usually by Aug. 31). If you need an annual statement for an earlier fiscal year or wish to have a copy mailed to you, contact TRA.

Report a death

It is important to notify us of the death of a TRA member. Please have the member’s Social Security number or TRA number ready when you call. We will need a certified copy of the death certificate, the marriage certificate of a surviving spouse, if applicable, and birth certificates for beneficiaries. Copies will be made and originals returned to you. TRA might also request name change verification.

Contact TRA by email

You can get in touch with us by emailing Please do not include personal data in your email.

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If you are an employer contact and do not yet have an employer login, call TRA employer assistance 1-800-657-3853.

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