About our new look

This month we are unveiling TRA’s newly designed primary and MyTRA logos along with a revamped website that we hope will provide all members with the convenience, ease of navigation, and aesthetics that you expect. We’ve reimagined how we organize content so that it’s easier to find information that’s relevant for you no matter what your age or where you are in your career.

Our new primary logo is periwinkle and combines traditional education iconography of the “flame of wisdom” with clean and modern typography. The new logo served as the cornerstone of a redesign of TRA’s public-facing website and literature. The rebranding project has been months in development. Throughout the process, we kept you and your needs top of mind. The new MinnesotaTRA.org was conceived around a few key goals:

  • Visitors to our site should see themselves reflected there—content should be relevant for your age and life stage.
  • Reorganize content according to life stages (the early-career teacher, mid-career, nearing retirement, retired) in addition to offering a traditional navigation menu.
  • Whether you’re looking for specific information or just exploring, content should be easy to find. Content should be clear, accurate, accessible, and presented in an innovative way.
  • Create a visually dynamic space on the home page to highlight timely content, news items, and other items of interest.
  • Achieve a sleek, contemporary website designed according to the latest best practices in graphic design and user experience.
  • The design should allow for more photos and graphics.
  • Make the site mobile-friendly and responsive.

QUESTIONS, COMMENTS? Email us at publications@minnesotatra.org.