Member forms & publications

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Counseling checklist

Direct deposit form

Federal and state tax withholding form

Last day of employment form and narrated slide show about last day of employment and changing last day of employment

Power of attorney cover letter and form


Member Handbook of Benefits and Services

Disability Coverage booklet

Disability benefit application
Medical examination report (print two copies)
Release of medical information
Employer certification of service separation
Direct deposit form
Federal and state tax withholding form

Marriage Dissolution booklet

Pension basics for new teachers brochure

Glossary of terms

Reports & fact sheets

TRA Retiree Statistics 2020

TRA fact sheet: Recruitment, Retention & Pensions

Department of Education: Teacher Supply and Demand (2021)

Economic impact of TRA pension income by MN county (2019)

Economic impact of MN public pension income by legislative district (2019)

Pensionomics 2018 (National Institute on Retirement Security)

MN state demographer presentation: Demographic Considerations for Long-Range and Strategic Planning (Feb. 6, 2018)

A Better Bang for the Buck (study: National Institute on Retirement Security)

TRA Funding Policy

Pension legislation

TRA works with the Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement (LCPR) on pension policy. Go to the LCPR website for info.

Handout: 2018 pension provisions (TRA)

Explainer: 2018 pension law