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Onboarding newcomers

When your district hires new staff for payroll processing, e-payments, HR, and related tasks, let TRA know. Ensure they have access to the features they need on the myTRA secure employer website.

Obtain a User ID for New Employees

Access to the employer area of the myTRA secure site is role based. Each staff member is assigned a role (by TRA) that regulates access to functions in the TRA system. The roles are based on the staff member’s responsibilities:

  • Submits electronic payments (e-payments), payroll files, and annual base salary information.
  • Serves as your chief administrator, superintendent or charter school director.
  • Reports, edits and certifies leaves of absence.
  • Submits payroll and demographic files.
  • Receives TRA correspondence, including annual reports, questions about invoices, questions about annual processes, and so forth.

Contact TRA to request access for your staff.

If you have questions about who in your organization is assigned which role, contact TRA.