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TRA is the defined-benefit pension plan for Minnesota educators.
We’ve got you covered for life.

  • The early career teacher

    When you’re in your 20s and early 30s, retirement might seem far off. But it’s never too early to work toward your long-term financial goals.

  • The Mid-Career Professional

    With years of experience now behind you, here’s what you need to know in your 30s and 40s about your TRA benefits and retirement planning.

  • Nearing Retirement

    After age 55 is a great time to meet with us to review your benefit estimate, learn more about TRA, and decide on your retirement timetable.

  • The retired Educator

    Now that you’ve graduated to a new life stage, learn about cost-of-living increases, taxes, and more as you pursue your retirement dreams.

All about early retirement

You might be considering retiring early. If you do, your benefit must be reduced because you will be receiving it for a longer period of time.

“Early retirement” is any age earlier than 66, and the younger you retire before age 66, the higher the reduction—similar to Social Security.

Learn more about early retirement

TRA News and Events

  • TRIB newsletters

    The TRA Information Bulletin (“TRIB”) is published three times a year — October, January, June — and is the official newsletter of the Teachers Retirement Association. The most recent member and retiree…

  • About our new look

    This month we are unveiling TRA’s newly designed primary and MyTRA logos along with a revamped website that we hope will provide all members with the convenience, ease of navigation, and aesthetics…

  • Governor signs pension bill

    Gov. Mark Dayton has signed the 2018 Omnibus Retirement Bill into law.
    “That’s the last bill I’ll sign as governor of Minnesota and what a great way to end on,” Dayton said at…

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“To me, it's all about the retirement security of TRA members and preserving the pension plan for our retirees, our hard-working educators, our young teachers and those who join Minnesota's education workforce in the future."

— Jay Stoffel, TRA Executive Director

"Go to a TRA office and learn your options.
This brings clarity to your financial profile."

— Robert Strandquist, TRA retiree
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