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Retirement counselors are
on the road

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Setting the record straight
about pension finances

An article published by Bloomberg News (“New Math Deals Minnesota’s Pensions the Biggest Hit in the U.S.,” Aug. 31, 2017),  uses numbers reported under the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) rules to paint an incomplete and misleading picture of the financial health of Minnesota’s public pension plans.

The key point to understand about numbers reported under GASB rules is that the true health of a pension plan is determined not by GASB annual accounting rules but by funding policy. (More HERE.)

Board of Trustees names new
executive director

Following a months-long nationwide search, the Minnesota Teachers Retirement Association Board of Trustees has selected TRA Deputy Executive Director Jay Stoffel to succeed Laurie Hacking as executive director of the TRA fund, a $20 billion public pension plan serving nearly 190,000 active, retired or deferred Minnesota public school educators.

Stoffel’s appointment is effective Sept. 1, 2017, allowing for a transition before Hacking retires at the end of the year.

Read more HERE.

Learn about your pension

As a public employee, you are already contributing to your financial future! Watch our video to learn more.


TRA ends year on a high note

As of June 30, 2017, TRA had approximately $21.22 billion in assets. Our unaudited investment return is 15.11% for the fiscal year.

Read the details in our Investment Return & Inflation Analysis report.

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