Your Benefits: An Overview

Did you know?

TRA is all about retirement benefits. But your TRA plan includes valuable benefits that you might need at other times during your life. Here is an overview with links to more details.


TRA is here for you if you experience an unexpected injury or illness. Disability benefits are meant to provide income if you become totally and permanently disabled.

part-time teaching
Part-Time Teaching

TRA’s part-time teaching program enables you to work part time but purchase service credit based on your full-time salary. 

early retirement
Early Retirement

“Early retirement” is any age earlier than 66. TRA has a provision for age 62 and 30 years of service.

plan choices

Six Plan Choices

TRA has six annuity plans from which to choose, though your marital status determines how many options you can consider.

combined service annuity
Combined Service Annuity
(PERA, MSRS, St. Paul Teachers)

Minnesota public pension plans work together so all of your state government service can be used for benefit eligibility.

survivor benefits
Pre-Retirement Survivor Benefits

We all want to ensure that our loved ones have a measure of financial security if we aren’t around to care for them. Certain benefits are available to your survivor(s) if you die before retiring.