Choices, choices

You can attend a group workshop or webinar and learn from other members’ questions. Or, we will meet with you individually in one of our offices or during our road trips. Either way, you receive a personalized estimate of your retirement benefit.


One-on-one counseling

You can take advantage of individual counseling anytime at one of five TRA offices—St. Paul, St. Cloud, Duluth, Mankato and Detroit Lakes—or set up an appointment when we’re in a town near you during our road trips. During your 45-minute session, the counselor can help you submit a retirement application, explain the retirement process, and discuss your options. The counselor can also explain the effects divorce, job change, leaves of absence, and other life changes have on your pension. Feel free to bring your spouse or your financial adviser.

  • You must make an appointment—log into your MyTRA account or call. 
  • Specify which office you wish to visit (Detroit Lakes, Duluth, Mankato, St. Cloud, or St. Paul).
  • If you already have an appointment, review the Counseling Appointment Checklist prior to your session. A paper copy of this checklist and a map is included with the confirmation letter TRA sends to the address we have on file for you.
  • You can also view our videos on nearing retirement to help you make decisions on annuity plans, acceleration and beneficiaries.

Winter 2019-2020 road trips

Our counselors will be in a city near you for individual retirement counseling sessions. Register for a date by logging into your MyTRA account.

April 1

Feb. 20

Feb. 12

Grand Rapids 
Jan. 22-23

International Falls
Feb. 5-6

April 1

Feb. 19

Pine City
March 18

March 5

Jan. 22

March 4

Feb. 13, April 2

Beware financial entities CLAIMING

TRA is not affiliated with, nor do we endorse, any commercial companies selling retirement savings products.

Occasionally, financial planning companies will use “TRA” in their advertising or presentation materials or otherwise imply that they represent TRA or can provide you with your personal TRA retirement information. However, if you receive any solicitations from third parties that appear to indicate that they have a connection with us, beware.

  • TRA never grants permission for the use of our name or materials in any sales solicitations or presentations by financial planners or commercial entities. When we learn of the unauthorized use of our name or materials, we immediately contact the offender and advise them to modify their materials so that they in no way suggest that the information has been supplied, approved, sponsored or endorsed by us.
  • TRA does not share your personal data with financial planners or firms. Your account data is confidential; we will provide it only to you or someone authorized by you, and only after we have verified your identity or your representative’s identity. 
  • TRA may only provide your name, gross benefit amount and benefit type to the public, according to Minnesota public data laws governing TRA.

If you ever receive a solicitation from a company offering to sell you financial services and claiming to have a connection with TRA or have access to your personal TRA data, first, be cautious. Second, call us at 800-657-3669.

Construction alert

Before leaving for your appointment (especially in St. Paul), check the Minnesota Department of Transportation website for the latest on construction.


Members are required to present photo identification when visiting a TRA office or attending any individual counseling or group workshop session. Acceptable forms of ID include a state driver’s license, state employee badge, school district ID, passport, state non-driver ID or company-issued badge with photo. If accommodations are needed under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please call as far in advance as possible.

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