Counseling Services

Virtual Group Workshops

The “Mid-Career Webinar” is for mid-career teachers looking to find out more about TRA and what we offer.

“Planning for Retirement” is just that. We will help you navigate the retirement process with TRA and answer any questions you may have.

You may register by logging in to your myTRA online account or by calling 800.657.3669. You may email to schedule a presentation for your staff.

In-Person, Individual Sessions

Individual appointments are available in our St. Paul, St. Cloud and Duluth offices in addition to appointments via telephone and Webex. You may register by logging in to your myTRA online account or by calling 800.657.3669.

Set up a virtual counseling session via WebEx to hear and see the information being shared by your counselor in real time. You will need to install the WebEx app on your device.

Here’s how to reach us:
  • Customer service representatives are available by phone. Call 651.296.2409 or 800.657.3669 Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Central time).
  • Send us a secure message by logging in to your myTRA account, Don’t have a myTRA account? Register here.
  • Click on the chat button on the lower right corner of this web page to chat with us.
  • General questions may be directed to Please don’t include private data in your email—use the secure messaging tool by logging into your myTRA account.
Lock Box Available

If you have a retirement application or other forms and documents to drop off, you can now simply insert the documents into a special TRA lock box on the first floor of our offices at 60 Empire Dr. in St. Paul. The lock box is available between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Beware Financial Entities Claiming Affiliation with TRA

TRA is not affiliated with, nor do we endorse, any commercial companies selling retirement savings products.

Occasionally, financial planning companies will use “TRA” in their advertising or presentation materials or otherwise imply that they represent TRA or can provide you with your personal TRA retirement information. However, if you receive any solicitations from third parties that appear to indicate that they have a connection with us, beware.

  • TRA never grants permission for the use of our name or materials in any sales solicitations or presentations by financial planners or commercial entities. When we learn of the unauthorized use of our name or materials, we immediately contact the offender and advise them to modify their materials so that they in no way suggest that the information has been supplied, approved, sponsored or endorsed by us.
  • TRA does not share your personal data with financial planners or firms. Your account data is confidential; we will provide it only to you or someone authorized by you, and only after we have verified your identity or your representative’s identity. . 
  • TRA may only provide your name, gross benefit amount and benefit type to the public, according to Minnesota public data laws governing TRA.

If you ever receive a solicitation from a company offering to sell you financial services and claiming to have a connection with TRA or have access to your personal TRA data, first, be cautious. Second, call us at 800.657.3669.

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