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Retiree tasks in brief

To protect your data, these tasks can be completed only by logging into your myTRA account or by calling us:

Contact TRA by email

You can get in touch with us by emailing Please do not include personal data in your email.

Make address changes

Log into your myTRA account. You can store a permanent and a temporary address in your record by selecting the “Permanent” and/or “Temporary” tabs. You can put a start and end date on a temporary address. You can also change your address by calling TRA  or by mailing or faxing your written request to us.

Change a beneficiary

If you selected a no refund, guaranteed refund or 15-years guaranteed plan when you retired, you may change your beneficiary designation at any time. Call to request a Post Retirement Beneficiary Designation form. If you selected a 100 percent, 75 percent or 50 percent plan at the time of retirement, you cannot change your beneficiary. Contact TRA as soon as possible if your beneficiary predeceases you so an adjustment can be made to your benefit. If you named a spouse as your beneficiary and divorce after retirement, the beneficiary designation may be rescinded if court-ordered. If you named a non-spouse, the beneficiary designation may be rescinded if mutually agreed upon.

Report a death

It is important to call TRA to notify us of the death of a TRA member. You will need to have the member’s Social Security number or TRA number ready. We will provide information to the member’s representative about any survivor benefits. We will also request a certified copy of the death certificate, the marriage certificate of a surviving spouse, if applicable, and birth certificates for beneficiaries. Copies will be made and originals returned to you. TRA might also request name change verification.

Make a name change

If you are receiving a benefit and need to change your name due to marriage, divorce, or another reason, send TRA a copy of the legal document that shows the name change. If you need to change the name of a beneficiary, send TRA a copy of the legal document that shows the name change.

Print your 1099

Your 1099-R form shows the total amount of your annuity payments, total federal and state income tax withheld, and taxable portion of the annuity for the preceding calendar year. You can download 1099-R forms from your myTRA account by mid-January each year, and by Jan. 31 each year you will get the form by mail  Your 1099-R is mailed to the address we have on file for you as of Nov. 1. You may want to provide TRA with your temporary winter address if you have one.

Print an income verification letter

You can print an income verification letter from your myTRA account. Income verification letters are requested by members, financial institutions, insurance carriers, housing  authorities or other government entities. These requests verify the gross monthly benefit amount, not the member’s salary as a teacher. If TRA receives a third-party request, we require a written request and a release form, signed by the member.

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