Tax withholding

TRA administers federal and Minnesota state tax withholding for your retirement benefit. We do not administer tax withholding for any other state. Log in to your myTRA account to get your 1099-R.

Withholding Forms

If you wish to update your tax withholding elections, complete and submit Form W-4P IRS Withholding Certificate for Periodic Pension or Annuity Payments, or Form W-4MNP Minnesota Withholding Certificate for Pension and Annuity Payments. Prior tax withholding elections on file with TRA will remain in effect unless a new election is made.

If you have multiple payee accounts (TRA, Duluth Teachers, Minneapolis Teachers, Survivor/Optional Joint Annuitant, Disability, Ex-Spouse); Indicate on the top of each form to which account you would like the changes applied, or if you would like the changes applied to all of your accounts.

Your completed forms can be submitted electronically via the Document Upload Portal in your myTRA account, or mailed to TRA.

TRA staff are unable to provide tax advice. Consult with a professional tax advisor if you are not sure how to complete your tax withholding forms, or if you have any tax withholding questions.